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Setting up an oasis

As we’re writing about routines, today we’d like to take it a step further and invite you to get into habits: the habit of knowing and observing your skin, your body… and to help you out with products that provide you not only protection and health, but also pleasure: products you actually enjoy using.

Hence the title of this post: set up an environment in which showering or taking a bath before going to sleep is delightful. Let it be an oasis of loving self-care.

And how to choose these products? Personally, what I’ve done so far has been trying out and making adjustments. Observing your skin is essential, since any hormonal or diet change, or a pregnancy can alter your needs.

What I can do is tell you about my own current daily routine, which changes according to the season:

I always shower with a solid soap: in the winter I use the almond and honey solid soap. When it’s cold outside, I like to start moisturising my skin right from the moment of showering. Then, I apply the Vitis Vinifera body oil, especially on my cleavage and legs.

As for my face care, I use the rosehip soap and try to apply a mask once a week, which is when I take a close up look on my skin and give it a massage. I also apply the cream serum every night.

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