Precious vegetable oils

In Spain, olive oil is often referred to as “liquid gold”. Is it a myth, or an advertising claim?

Which oil is the best one?

Well, all of them. Nature, the best form of intelligence we know, adapts to the climate, vegetation, latitude, terrain, etc. so that the ideal species for these conditions can grow and reproduce. For instance, living in Africa is quite different from living in Northern Europe. Cosmetic and nutritional needs are not the same. Therefore, every one of us has access to our own “liquid gold”. Because we live in such a globalized and well-connected society, products that come from far away and that are perceived as new and exotic have caught our attention and we started using them. Though they are usually more expensive, the truth is that they aren’t any better than others. Most vegetable oils share similar properties, what matters is to know how to combine them, how to use them properly, and also to value what we have within reach, which will always be more sustainable.

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