Atalis Menorca: we are Carmen and Ona, mother and daughter, with a love for nature and an island that inspires us.

Our passion is to claim the natural beauty of the skin, without filters.

“I would like to be able to convey a minimal part of what nature gives me through cosmetics. Making soaps and cosmetic formulas for me is similar to cooking: a way of saying I love you.”

Atalis Menorca was born in 2008, when Carmen, a psychologist by profession, moved to the island of Menorca and put everything that she had studied into the project, in a self-taught manner about the botanical world. The result: 100% plant-based natural cosmetics, with high-quality, pure and recognizable ingredients. She created a laboratory of natural oils, stills and soaps, where she enjoys creating and researching, and decided to train in natural cosmetics, phytotherapy and aromatherapy and finally end up getting certified as a soap maker. She integrated the native flora of Menorca that became the protagonist of her formulations.

“When I was little, the ‘iaia cream’ cured and calmed my imaginary illnesses , it was a moment of reunion, of calm, of repair… I suppose there is something to all of this in the impetus of wanting to make a cosmetic that more than a magic beauty potion promises well-being and pleasure.”

Trained in Design and Fine Arts, art and image have been traveling companions throughout her professional and personal career. She decided to see the world, at 18 she set out to see other continents; she interspersed trips with new professional challenges until she reached the journey of motherhood. A corner of the world that she always returns to is Menorca, a constant source of graphic inspiration and a return to calm, to nature, to connection.

In 2020 Ona joins the team and Carmen continues to develop the formulas and dream of new products. We follow her vision.

We are a natural cosmetics brand founded and inspired by Menorca, in its purity and indomitable nature.

We rely on the use of high quality, pure and recognizable ingredients, local and slow production, and sustainability as a way of life and main long-term objective: transparency and honesty.

We are a vegan cosmetics brand, committed to animal health and welfare.

National Production
We know that producing in our country, apart from contributing to job creation, reduces emissions, which is why we are committed to 100% local production.

Following the principles of phytotherapy and aromatherapy, they are 100% plant-based, and our formulas are simple and effective.

In our objective of reducing the consumption of plastic and CO2 emission, we are making the move to biodegradable packaging; using the least amount of ink and packaging possible, as well as looking for new solutions to extend the life of our packaging.

Simplicity, honesty and respect for nature are our principles, and our goal is to continue building our project solidly, being faithful to these goals

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