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A few days ago, a client was telling that, apart from body hygiene products, she’d never buy any cosmetics of any sort because she thought that aging was a natural process that we ought to accept, and that any “trick” meant to slow it down was useless. That lead us to a very interesting conversation, and I came to the conclusion that the meaning of the word “COSMETICS” per se was sometimes perceived somewhat superficial and was very far from the much more holistic perspective of genuine natural cosmetics. I could expand on this subject, but for now I’ll just stick to summing up three basic general concepts:

1. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is our shield against external aggressions and an important depurative organ. Any product that comes into contact with it is absorbed and ends into the bloodstream. Cosmetics are like the “food” we provide our skin with: therefore, it is essential to take their quality into consideration.

2. The main objective of natural cosmetics is to keep our skin and hair healthy, using products that are elaborated with natural raw material, keeping in mind various ethical aspects related to the preservation of people and the environment, natural resources, and sustainable means of production.

3- The main purpose of a cosmetic product is to moisturize, to nourish, to soften… That the skin looks well is a side effect, which indicates our good health state, that we are doing it well and that we provide our skin with what it needs.

A healthy skin is beautiful per se, whether it has wrinkles or not. Starting from here, it’s up to you to decide…

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